May 2017 Newsletter

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Vol. 10
Issue 5


New Men's & Women's Nike Summer Apparel

We are finally going to get some sunny day in Seattle! Come check out our new Nike Dri-Fit apparel that will help you keep your cool on the court!

New Arrivals

Head MXG 3
Head MXG 5

Head has come out with a new technology: the MXG! The magnesium bridge prevents the upper hoop from deforming upon impact, thus increases stability. The main strings are also extended through the bridge making the sweetspot bigger. Overall, the MXG racquets are more powerful and stable at a lighter weight!


Babolat Project 17 Pure Strike 16x19

The updated Pure Strike has been crowned the best all-around racket! Babolat made the beam wider by 1.5mm., adding more power to the racket and making it ideal for players who are looking for more pop without losing precision.


Men's and Women's
Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour


The shoe of choice for Roger Federer in striking new shades. Lightweight and stable. Designed for speed and comfort, this featherweight shoe continues to be a super choice with Adaptive Fit construction.


Men's & Women's Babolat Jet

Babolat now has one of the lightest shoes on the market! The new upper is made of Matryx, a fabric which weaves Kevlar and Polymide threads to keep you locked in and comfortable at all times. Made for the most aggresive movers! We have men's and women's in stock, come try them on!

Reg: $150.00

String Specials

Wilson Sensation

One of the best multifilament strings for the price. Offers impressive pop and comfort.
Now: $26.95 Was: $31.95

  Dunlop String

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour

A stiff polyester that will help you maximize your spin.

Now: $34.95 Was: $39.95

Dunlop String


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Mill Creek Club 2017 Jr Summer Tennis Camps

Register now for an intense 3-5 Day Tennis Camp at MCTC under the Direction of Coach Roger and MCTC Coaching Staff.
Click here for more details

MCTC 3rd Annual Rookie Tournament

May 19th-21st. Entry forms available at MCTC and Avanti Seattle.
Tournament ID #600016317

Sign up by 6pm, May 14th

New Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America. Come in to Avanti and check out our new Pickleball equipment!

Tennis Tip of the Month by MCTC Coach Kim Somerville

Getting the Most out of Your Tennis Practice Part 1

1. Serve Practice: Hit the ball with a loose arm: begin at slow pace then after about 10 serves increase the power on your serve. In warm up think ‘reach’. Go for a high clearance over the net.

Practice with targets (use cones): place one target in the corner of singles line and service line, one just inside the service line and about half way between singles line and center line, and one target at the corner of center line and service line. Aim for them one at a time and do not move on to the next one until you get the serve within 6 inches close to it.

Practice consistency: serve 10 balls in a row and see how many go in; then do it again trying to better the previous exercise. Do not cheat on the pace - if you practice your first serve then hit it at the speed you would in a match.

2. Return of Serve Practice: If you can find a player willing to practice her/his serve then you are in luck.

Regardless if the player hits their serves hard or slow you can always practice returning them to certain areas in the court. Work on your crosscourt returns, down the lines and even right to the middle of the court. If doubles think about returning low cross courts or chipping returns (so that you can set yourself up to get to the net). Maybe try the 7-2-1 rule: Out of 10 serves return 7 cross court, 2 return with a lob over the net person, 1 low and with pace right at the net person.

Above all, change up your practice routine. Remember if you keep doing what you were doing, you will get what you have been getting. If you want a different result (improvement), you have to be willing to change in a positive way. To be continued next month...

Contact Kim at:

or call (425)314-5929 to schedule a private lesson. ($65/Members, $75/Non-members)

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